Friday, 10 February 2017

Those who measure wealth in money alone...

It was a seemingly innocuous envelope that landed last December on the doormat. What it contained was not so.

It contained maps and plans outlining a proposal for the "Markenfield New Village Settlement" a development of hundreds of new houses covering the farmland from The Old Mediaeval Road down to the A61. 

Accompanying the alarming maps was a letter offering to make the owners "millionaires".

Needless to say, a letter was sent back explaining that the land they were proposing to build upon was worth more to the owners as it was, on an emotional level, than having millions of pounds in the bank and having to drive through something akin to Milton Keynes each and every time they wanted to leave home.

And so life went back to normal - peaceful, quiet and happily un-rich.

Until the Developer turned up at the door one day armed with a clipboard and pamphlets...

...needless to say he was not welcomed with open arms and was in fact threatened with the police should he return!

Markenfield is special - and it will stay that way.