Thursday, 22 November 2012

20th November 1569

Tuesday 20th November saw the 443rd anniversary of The Rising of the North, the most serious of the rebellions against Elizabeth I and the end of the Markenfields of Markenfield Hall.

There are a number of annual Chapel Services at the Hall - the Requiem Mass in August, the Remembrance service in November and of course Christmas at Markenfield. Tuesday however saw the first of what is hoped will become a new annual service - a Pilgrimage to mark the Rising.

Organised by Andrew Burrell and the Catenian Society, 31 hardy souls braved the dark, damp night and gathered beneath the Gatehouse arch. The sound of Psalm 53 sounded out across the Courtyard as the procession made its way towards the Hall with lighted tapers held aloft.

It was a moving sight, and a fitting reminder of the bravery of the  men who rode out from the Courtyard all those many years ago.

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